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A Cuore Aperto

Contemporanea 2 , Florence, Italy, 2014

Following my exhibition Embodiments at La Specola Museum in Florence in 2012-2013, I was invited to create work for the Florentine project space Contemporanea 2 (C2). This series, A Cuore Aperto, (“The Opened Heart”), was inspired by my visits to biomedical laboratories where researchers were exploring ways that stem cells could regenerate the ailing heart. It combines images from cutting edge contemporary medical research with forms and images from Florence’s religious and artistic traditions.

Silvia Cangioli, writes in the A Cuore Aperto Catalogue for this exhibition:

. . . With a particular interest in the heart, Janice works in the liminal space between apparent opposites: matter and spirit, science and religion, nature and culture. In this new series A Cuore Aperto, art and science, tradition and modernity live together in work which has both great emotional impact and a delicate sensibility.”

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